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NCA group / Services

A Complete Service System in the Commercial sector

NCA is a team of specialists in the commercial sector, with extensive experience in the design field and professional building process. We are skilled in what we do, and familiar with New Zealand’s local construction laws and regulations as well as related fields. Whether you have an existing building that is going through alterations or change of use, we can help you with our services.

Our strength is project management, interior design and commercial fitouts – however this doesn’t begin to cover the full scope of work we take on. No matter what the size of the project is, we will provide services according to the client’s needs: from pre-consultation, lease review, initial design, to construction completion phases; this includes conceptual design, master plan design, building design, and exterior design; as well as advice on decor, selection of materials, equipment, furniture and colours, to construction drawings, submission, permit applications, joint construction management and project management. We provide a complete set of services to our customers so that they can feel at ease.


We work within the customer’s budget and make innovative designs while listening to customer needs, whether it be new shop interiors, renovation of existing shops, or commercial space division planning, etc. We also offer the best New Zealand and Chinese construction teams to provide customers with a renovation team to meet their budget.


Our work involves only commercial projects, as we believe that concentrating our efforts in this sector allows us to have a greater wealth of knowledge and understanding built upon many past jobs. The commercial jobs we tend to do vary from retail, to hospitality, to industrial, to entertainment, to structural strengthening, and more. We are particularly experienced in buildings undergoing change of use.

We can simplify the consent process for you, whether it be a small, medium, or large-scale job. We are familiar with New Zealand’s construction laws and regulations and are well versed in the various government procedures. We have accumulated a wealth of experience with Consent applications and can help customers manoeuvre the application process smoothly. We can also provide more economical and affordable design solutions for customers with budgetary needs.


When approaching a project involving the change of use of a building or tenancy within a building, it is important to have the expertise to know what is expected and issues that may arise. Under Section 115 – Change of Use, Council regulations are different compared to a new building or alterations to an existing building. Change of us is a sensitive undertaking which is made easier with an experienced team who understand the particular associated requirements.


Often when existing buildings undergo change of use this triggers the need for structural strengthening and upgrades due to needing to meet a minimum structural performance – particularly seismic structural performance – to comply ANARP (as near as reasonably practicable) with the current building code. At times older buildings also require upgrades to be able to undergo alterations under new consents. Whether you want to check the current structural performance of a building or whether you are looking into structural strengthening work, we can assist you in this.


Public premises can only be occupied if a CCC has been issued or a CPU is in place. We can assist in applications for related government licence applications such as:

CCC – (Code Compliance Certificate) A formal statement confirming council are satisfied all building work has been completed in accordance with the building consent issued

CPU – (Certificate for Public Use) These can be applied for once a consent has been granted for the building work in a building to be used by the public, but no CCC has been issued yet. This allows the public to use the premises until a CCC is granted, and is ideal for when you want to let the public use the building or start trading before a CCC has been granted.

BWOF – (Building Warrant Of Fitness) An annual certificate that needs to be displayed in the building, which proves that specified systems in the building have been inspected and maintained, and all the requirements of the compliance schedule have been met.


We can help apply and provide advice for your business-related licences such as:

Liquor Licence – This is needed to serve alcohol on your premises.

Food Licence – This is necessary to serve food on your premises.

Outdoor Dining Licence – This is needed if you plan to have customers eating/drinking on the footpath or public space outside your business premises.


Our role in project management is to act as a point of contact in organising and liaising with the construction team for your job. As well as consent submission, we can also do the tendering for the work at hand and review fee proposals to check that agreements provided by contractors are comparable. We put our clients in contact with reputable firms which we have longstanding relationships with and arrange a list of quotations to provide a fair range to the client – we bring the choice to you.

NCA also manages Council site inspections, as well as carrying out quality checks by supervising on site to ensure results are as per design. We assist in managing the budget and keeping on target to deliver project completion on time as per withstanding agreements between contractors and NCA.


Our project consultants have over 10 years of experience working with commercial kitchen equipment and familiarity with hospitality industry brands and their products. We partner with various suppliers and manufacturers such as LKK, Moffat, and more. Having worked on many hospitality projects such as restaurants, takeaways, and food manufacturing factories, we are well versed with the specific needs of different types of establishments and cater our services to suit.

Our involvement with commercial kitchen jobs also includes kitchen layout design, with consideration to professional workflow and equipment sizes to design better environments for workers in line with best practices for use. This means that there is no need to outsource or engage separate consultants for commercial kitchen design.

Furthermore, NCA has ties with own production factory for custom-made equipment and fixtures. We also import stainless steel and refrigeration products from overseas – check out our supply list for more details.


We source and organise the procurement of equipment/materials both domestically and internationally. We can also advise and develop a construction budget for your job.


We want the best for our clients. As such, we take on an advisory role to suggest the best course of action to achieve your goals and objectives through some of the following:

For landlords who approach us, we can advise on strategies to utilise your building at hand to maximise return & increase property value, while reducing the costs in doing so. We communicate with you to understand what your targets are and provide professional advice accordingly.


For tenants and prospective buyers, we can assist in checking the property or lease beforehand for due diligence and advise on any concerns or issues that may occur before it becomes a problem. We review agreements and documents to uncover the history of the site or building.

We take our role seriously in providing a thorough brief, explanation, and relevant calculations stemming from a wide array of experience in similar commercial jobs. Our customer satisfaction has led to referrals and word-of-mouth connections, through which we have many returning and new clients approaching us to research and run background checks on properties.


We are committed to delivering unique, meaningful, and sustainable brand concepts for clients in need. Our creative works are an investment to your brand. This includes establishing your company branding via logo design and VI (visual identity) design to ensure your brand delivers a consistent display distinct from industry competitors. The identity of your company brand will be effectively conveyed to target audiences as a cohesive brand culture.


We assist both franchisors to find suitable franchisees for their business, and prospective franchisees in finding great franchises to acquire. Some of the franchises we have been entrusted as acting agents for include: