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Nic Khor

NCA group / Nic Khor

“Design and execute within the client’s budget

while exceeding their expectations”

Nic Khor
DANZ Member

NCA’s founder Nic Khor is a passionate and creative entrepreneur and Architect. Under his leadership over the past 13 years, NCA Group’s projects have multiplied and spread throughout New Zealand. With his involvement, the scope of projects has grown to entail designing restaurants, hospitality projects, as well as sales and commercial space development. In addition to commercial design, Nic has developed his knowledge of local construction regulations and is well versed in the procedures related to different sectors.

Nic pays close attention to the feasibility of the project. With his expertise in on-site construction and role as an architect, he believes that every space has the potential to become an outstanding design. With Nic at the helm, NCA Group’s core design principles focus on providing customers with high-quality and creative solutions that meet both theirbudget and functional needs. With a keen eye for detail, provision of in-depth analysis towards each project is key to functional design.


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Hydraulic Design
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